“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up." Psalm 27 v 10

Child Rescue Centre

Our Child Rescue Centre as we prefer to call it,  as opposed to an orphanage; opened in 2006 when Alan and Irene discovered a family of three living alone and destitute. FAME had previously sponsored orphanages in other parts of Kenya, but this was help needed at our own doorstep.


Since then our Child Rescue Centre has been registered as a CCI (Charitable Children’s Institution) with the Kenyan authorities. We are in fact the only officially registered CCI in the whole Mwingi district and have developed a very good working relationship with the District Children’s Office which has assisted us with guidance and training on Child Protection over the years. On several occasions the Kenyan Children’s office has brought management teams, from other Children’s homes who are trying to put the correct procedures in place, to enable them to get official registration, along to our Children’s home to see how it should be done. 


FAME Child Rescue Centre is dedicated to the total welfare of the rescued child,  providing food, shelter, a sense of self-worth, personal happiness and restoring to them the confidence and security of being wanted and loved, within an environment, that is both friendly and safe. Our centre support is based on the Word of God, is non-denominational and presents Christ alone as the only hope for personal salvation and peace.

‘Praise the Lord’-as a result of the generosity of God’s people we now have the ability to feed, clothe and provide a home for up to 200 children, ranging from day old babies to 18 years of age. Around 10% of our children are “AIDS orphans” and we accommodate their specific dietary and medical needs. We provide food, clothing, sports, education and vocational training, but above all, spiritual instruction and care. To date some 364 children have been rescued by the FAME Child rescue Centre. One of the children, Janice, from that first family rescued, recently graduated from Kenyatta University, Thika. Janice is now employed at the orphanage as one of our social workers. Currently we provide for 113 children; 78 of the children are cared for in the home, while the remainder are supported at Secondary school and re-integrated with their relatives.

These children are most vulnerable, and we thank God for the dedicated staff who have in a very real sense, given their lives to care for and watch over these little ones. Through simple and compassionate tasks, we now have a credible voice and a listening ear to reach the Gospel of Christ.

Rodney Davidson had a burden for the rescue of abandoned babies, and it was at this time the District Children’s Office asked him to consider rescuing babies as well…God had opened the door! 

The Cole Baby Unit

The Cole Baby Unit (CBU) grew out of a request from a government official to temporarily shelter

and care for abandoned infants until adoptive parents could be found. A suitable building was adapted on the compound with a nursery and kitchen facilities and named after the late Mrs Maggie Cole, an early benefactor of FAME. Our staff work in shifts to provide 24/7 care.

God cares for the fatherless; so should God’s people, please pray for and support this important labour of love.

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