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In the world today there are a multitude of Mission, Aid groups, Foreign projects and appeals appearing constantly on National media for support. This support is for a plethora of causes. Sponsor a snow Leopard, Sponsor a Donkey, Sponsor a Tree in the Rain Forest. The list is growing longer each year. What is not so well known is that in a very great number of these projects, including unfortunately well known Christian organisations, the percentage of Administration costs far outweigh the actual field needs. This is why some of the Directors of major charities have refused to have their income made public!
Fame Organisation has sought from the very beginning to reverse this trend and to date we are winning. Last year, 2014, 93% of our income went to field needs. We might be small in worldly terms, but what we do we seek to do honestly and openly.

We are a registered charity and our books are open for inspection to anyone who cares to consider them. In doctrine we are reformed and evangelical.

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