“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." Proverbs 11 v 30


Home to Home personal Gospel Outreach

The rural bush areas around our medical clinics are FAME’s Jerusalem; and those are in which most of our home to home outreach is carried out. The homes and access to them looks very different to what it does in the Western world. In these rural areas around the FAME Centre, families survive by subsistence farming, with perhaps a few animals on their “shamba” and it is the mothers responsibility each morning to fetch water from the nearest well with the help of a donkey. To reach these people we must go into the bush on foot or on motorcycles.  These are hospitable people.  When our Evangelism team arrive, they gather a few chairs or jerry cans under the shade of a tree and welcome their guests.  They are willing to listen, sometimes spending hours reasoning through the gospel.  This one-on-one interaction has proven to be a most effective method of evangelism and it has pleased the Lord to save many precious souls over the years.


Please pray for the FAME Evangelism team which is made up of several local pastors, as they go out into the highways and by-ways each week preaching the Word

Prison Ministry

In the providence of God new gospel opportunities are continually opening. A “great door” of opportunity opened to Rodney in the form of a Prison Ministry during his years on the mission field. 

Since then many thousands of souls have heard the Good News that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. Currently we have access to thirteen prisons in the Eastern Province of Kenya with the offer of access to all prisons across the country.  In some of the larger prisons such as Embu we have had the privilege of preaching Christ to over 1000 male inmates at a time including over 300 who are serving life sentences.


Many bibles and gospel tracts have been distributed also to these prisoners who are very happy to receive them along with some bread and a bottle of soda. Please pray for the good seed sown that it will find good ground and bear much fruit.

School Evangelism

In addition to evangelizing our own orphan children, we have broadened our evangelism to include more schools in the region. The Kenyan school system views this instruction as part of the curriculum and gives us a one- hour period for instruction and Bible memory work. We currently have access to over 70 rural primary and secondary schools in the Ukambani area with 10’s of thousands of children hearing the Gospel on a regular basis. There is a particular burden for these children and we would request your prayers for this area of ministry as the fields are white unto harvest but the labourers are few, pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.


Saturday Night Village Outreach

This method of evangelism may not work in our western world, but it does in the bush areas of Kenya. We simply paste up a few A4 pages using maze flour as glue to the doors of the village shops giving the locals a week’s notice that we will be coming to show a bible based film and preach the Word.

On the night we arrive in the remote village and nail a white sheet to a wall and use it as the screen, we also play some Christian music over the speakers, which carries very well on the calm African night air; within 30 minutes we can have up to 300 people gathered to see and to hear the Gospel!

Please pray that precious souls for whom Christ died will be gloriously saved as they hear; some for the first time, the Good News that Jesus Saves!

Christian Resource Centre and Bible College

In 2014 we celebrated the opening of the Christian Resource Centre (CRC) which was constructed to provide a place where believers could come, especially pastors, elders and Sunday School teachers to study and get access to good Christian literature.

Many well attended bible teaching seminars have since been held for the building up and edification of God’s people.

A part-time and now full-time Theological College has also opened, based in the CRC and we praise the Lord that more than forty students have since completed various levels of biblical training courses.

Our aim is to help strengthen these pastors in the Word and in turn the local Churches and it is our prayer that this will translate into real and meaningful Christ- centred worship.

Please pray for this very important work and for those who teach, namely; Pastors Titus Nzoka(Principle), John Mbuvi and David Musika.

Child Evangelism

At FAME, we take a special interest in the biblical instruction and spiritual growth of children who are the next generation. FAME employs a catechist who works with thirty-five conservative evangelical Churches, to ensure the children are properly and consistently instructed in their catechism and Bible memorization.

In August each year since 2010 we have held our annual FAME Bible Quiz, were more than 40 teams of 4 from all these churches, as well as our own orphaned boys and girls. They are encouraged to study set books and chapters of scripture for several months prior to the quiz.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Please pray that these young people will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as saviour, and grow up to be men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, and take their place as the backbone of the church in the next generation of Kenya.