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Evangelistic Outreach

In a developing country, there is so much good we can do, sometimes with so little financial outlay for Instance:
– Sinking and lining a shallow well that will provide clean pure water for both man and beast.
– Providing food relief in times of severe famine, paying particular attention to the old, infirm and little children.

– Giving transport and medical costs to those whom we must refer to a hospital for life-saving operations or treatment.

– Assisting with body transportation to those too poor to pay mortuary fees and claim the body of their loved one.

I can say without a shadow of doubt or fear of contradiction that through these simple and compassionate tasks we have established an acceptance of the Gospel of Christ in the area and far beyond, and to date we have never been refused an entrance where we sought one.

Door-to-Door Outreach

Door-to-door outreach in the region in which we work looks very different than it does in the Western world. In the rural area around the FAME Centre, families survive by subsistence farming, with perhaps a few animals on their “shamba.” To reach these people we must go into the bush on foot or on motorcycles. These are hospitable people. When we arrive, they gather a few chairs or jerry cans under the shade of a tree and welcome their guests. They are willing to listen, sometimes spending hours reasoning through the gospel. This one-on-one interaction has proven to be a most effective method of evangelism.

Prison Ministry

In the providence of God, new gospel opportunities are continually opening. A “great door” of opportunity is the prison ministry. Currently, we have access to thirteen prisons in the Eastern Province of Kenya with the offer of access to all prisons across the country. In some of the larger prisons, we have opportunities to preach the gospel to over 1000 inmates, both men and women.

Child Evangelism

In addition to evangelizing our own orphan children, we have recently broadened our evangelism to include more schools in the region. Our full-time Child-Evangelist missionary, Miss Grace Sturm, now has access to eighty primary, secondary and vocational schools. The Kenyan school system views this instruction as part of the curriculum and gives us a one-hour period for instruction and Bible memory work.


In the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, FAME is a “word and deed” ministry bringing the hope of the gospel into the poverty and famine of eastern Kenya.

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