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Medical Aid

In March 1996 Alan Dunlop launched a support network among churches in Northern Ireland for their counterparts in Kenya. He called it FAME, Friends of Africa Missionary Endeavor. That same year he left his pastorate of fifteen years to pursue his vision on the foreign field.

Curran Clinic

In March the following year, Alan received a request for medical aid in a remote area east of Nairobi. A mud-walled room was available in a village if FAME could provide wages for a nurse and medical supplies. Around the same time, he received a gift from a family in Northern Ireland to do something in memory of their daughter who had recently died from leukemia…. +Read More

Minou Outreach Rescue Clinic

In addition to our clinic at the FAME Centre, we have one other remote Outreach Rescue Clinic. We hope to develop this model of a medical clinic, self-sufficient with water harvesting and solar panels. It also serves as a rescue centre for abandoned babies and destitute children, and as an outreach post for the gospel.

Kaayo Outreach Rescue Clinic

We recently purchased land in a remote village 60 km south of our current base. The Outreach Rescue Clinic model, which we hope to duplicate in Kaayo costs as little as US$20,000 (£15,000) to build and US$1,500 (£1,100) per month to maintain with medical staff and a pastor for outreach and pastoral care.


In the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, FAME is a “word and deed” ministry bringing the hope of the gospel into the poverty and famine of eastern Kenya.

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