“And went to him, and bound up his wounds.”

Luke 10 v 24

Medical Aid

Naomi Curran Medical Clinic

Not long after FAME Mission was established the founder received a request for medical aid in a remote area, 100 miles northeast of Nairobi. A mud-walled room was offered in the small village of Kithumula, if FAME could provide wages for a nurse and medical supplies. Around the same time, FAME received a gift from the Curran family in Northern Ireland to do something in memory of their daughter, who had recently died from Leukaemia. The Naomi Curran Memorial Clinic (Curran Clinic)was built in 1998, through the providence of God, by the labours of Messrs. Alan and Trevor Cunningham, assisted by Mr. David Garrett, Mr. Francis Lecky and many others whose hearts had been touched.


Our nurse and Lab staff can treat 95% of cases, as well as dispense medication. Those patients who need more specialized care are referred to other facilities. Prosthetic limbs, cleft palate operations and many other interventions have transformed countless lives.


One of the busiest days each month is Mother & Baby Day. Over 100 mothers walk for miles around with their babies tied with a “leso”(Cloth sheet) to their backs and umbrellas in their hands to keep the hot African sun from burning the infants.


“We treat but only God heals”



Munou Outreach Rescue Clinic

In addition to our Naomi Curran Medical Clinic at the FAME Centre in Kithumula; we have another remote Outreach Rescue Clinic at the village of Munou, approximately 30Km from Kithumula. The need for this Clinic became clear when Rodney and the evangelism team conducted a Saturday night Gospel Outreach there. They returned with the nursing staff one Saturday and were overwhelmed by the many people who queued to receive medical help at this impromptu field clinic.


Once again the Lord opened a door for the “Word and Deed” ministry of FAME Mission; a piece of land was purchased and three months later in 2015, to the Glory of God, a fully operational self-sufficient Medical Clinic with water harvesting and solar panels was providing much needed medical help to this often neglected bush area. It also serves as a rescue centre for abandoned babies and destitute children, and as an outreach post for the gospel and home evangelism.

Further Outreach Rescue Clinic opportunities

The need is still very great in many parts of this semi-arid area of Kenya, both medically and spiritually and so in recent years the Lord enabled us to purchase land in a remote village 60 km south east of our current base.


This very needy area had been laid upon the heart of our then field Missionary-Rodney Davidson who went there with the FAME Chaplain, Pastor Elijah, to assess the situation. They met a needy woman on a dirt road looking for a lift and asked where she was going. She said she had walked more than 12 Km to get medical help as there was no Clinic in Kaayo village where she lived. We believe that with God things don’t just happen and that everything by Him is planned. Following several visits to this village and discussions with the local people and area Chief, twelve acres of land were purchased for the building of a medical clinic and Gospel outreach.


Please pray that God will provide a Missionary and the needed resources to replicate what the Lord has enabled us to do at both Kithumula and Munou villages. It’s hard to believe from a UK perspective, but as little as £15,000 would enable us to construct an operational Medical Clinic on this site.