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Fame is an Independent Evangelical Mission founded in 1996 by Alan and Irene Dunlop (Northern Ireland).

Fame Mission utilizes the privation and poverty found in all developing countries to evangelistic ends. In Kenya, water wells, medical clinic, orphanage work and famine relief comprise the main areas of this service.

These things are not only vital to community support in and of themselves but in providing them the mission is enabled to reach thousands with the message of Christ and Gods Redeeming Love.

We have an all African staff in our Orphanage and clinic which allows our missionary to actively pursue Evangelism in Schools, Churches, Markets and Saturday night video outreach in remote bush areas.

Missionaries on the field

Aaron Dunlop
Aaron DunlopAcademic Coordinator
Aaron Dunlop, who is originally from Northern Ireland, graduated from the Geneva Reformed Seminary, SC. He pastored for ten years in Victoria, British Columbia and is currently Academic Coordinator at FAME Reformed Theological College.

Meet the Team

Alan & Irene Dunlop
Alan & Irene DunlopFounder (retired)
Francis Lecky
Francis LeckySecretary
David Garrett
David GarrettDeputy Chairman
Alan Cunningham
Alan CunninghamFinancial Contoller
Lee Sterritt
Lee SterrittNorth America
Trevor Cunningham
Trevor CunninghamNorth America

Some Images from our Portfolio

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