Vol. 2. Issue 4

April 2018

The recent heavy rains are a welcome sight and sound. They pour out expectation as they water the land, fill the reservoirs, and replenish the tanks at the center. How important these rains are to the entire community. They bring hope, preparing the ground for a fruitful harvest. Our ongoing prayer is that the Gospel, the Water of Life, will bring forth much fruit as the seed is sown.

Remember our missionaries and workers as they navigate the dirt roads, thick with mud, and at times impassable. Continue to pray for their safety in travel, their efforts in evangelism, and their need for wisdom and grace to deal with the various situations they encounter on a daily basis.

The latest news and video from the center and clinic highlight just how important this gospel witness is, not only for the physical health of the people in the area but also to their spiritual well-being.

FAME Board

Missions in History 
April 20, 1718: David Brainerd, missionary to New England’s Native Americans, is born in Haddam, Connecticut. Expelled from Yale for attending a revival meeting, Brainerd attained fame after his death (at age 29, from tuberculosis) when Jonathan Edwards published his journal. The diary inspired countless other missionaries, including William Carey, who is called “the father of modern missions”

Evangelical Ministries Ukambani
– Strengthening the Local Churches –

On Friday 20th April I met with the thirty pastors who are part of our EMU (Evangelical Ministries Ukambani) program. I spoke briefly from Acts 9:31&16:5 about their work of establishing, edifying and enlarging the churches. I made it clear that this is their work but reminded them that we are fellow-labourers with them. It was encouraging to hear of the different methods of evangelism efforts; open-air preaching in the village, personal evangelism with the youth and village meetings at a member’s home.

FAME has hired a young man, Victor to help develop a curriculum for the Sunday School. This is quite an undertaking and will take years to fully develop. However, we are hopeful that a workable curriculum suited for the context will have long-lasting influence among the church here.

All of these pastors work a secular job, and many of them have no form of transport. We have taken a list of ten men who would be helped greatly by a bicycle. A basic bicycle costs around US$100.00 or £75.00. If you can help any of these pastors in this project, please let us know or donate using the donate now button below.


– Reaching the Lost –

Part of our Outreach Rescue Clinic model includes pastoral care and follow-up. This is essentially an evangelistic effort. As patients come in for treatment we have an open door for the gospel. It is important for us to follow-up with these patients, to advise, often on simple health and hygiene issues, but more importantly on their spiritual condition. During the school holidays when pastor Elijah is not travelling with Grace to the schools, he will be working with the Munou Outreach Rescue Clinic. We already work with a Church in the Munou area, so in our efforts there we are coming alongside an existing evangelical church.


Medical Aid
– “the gospel in Word and Deed.” –

Child Rescue
– …through simple and compassionate tasks we have established an acceptance of the gospel of Christ. –

Rescued and Reunited

At the beginning of March last year Kenyan Government officials from Mwingi brought two children to the FAME Child Rescue Centre. Lydia (10) and Keffers (6) had been abandoned and found traumatized in desperate conditions. The police were able to trace the mother and she is now serving three years in Mwingi jail for abandonment, among other offences.

In February of this year our social worker travelled 150Km to the family homestead and, with the help of the children, was able to find relatives, who were shocked at the news. They knew the mother was in prison, but the rumour was that a white man had taken the children abroad and so they had given up searching.

Just last month, 17th March, on visitation day, it was a happy and tearful time when two family members came to see the children. Now the children are excited to go home to the grandmother. The ten-year-old girl asked if she could serve the jail sentence for her mother. Plans are underway to revoke the court order and reunite the family.



In the Image of God
 – Genesis 1:26-27 – 

God created man on the sixth day. The phrase “let us make man” introduces the creation of a being that would be different from every other part of creation. Man would be the apex of the week’s work and the only part of creation that is said to be made “in the image of God” (used three times 1:26-27). Man was endowed with an extraordinary capacity for knowledge, and although this is marred by sin the “image of God” in humanity is transmitted to the subsequent generations. Human life is sacred (Genesis 9:6; James 3:9).

In his book Created in God’s Image, Anthony A. Hoekema argues that man both mirrors God and represents God. There is a moral aspect to the “image of God.” Among other attributes, we share personality and intelligence with God (Ephesians 4:24; Colossians 3:10).

As representatives of God, we are to rule the world for God. He has subjected all things to us (Hebrews 2:5-10) and to do this we are commanded to “be fruitful and multiply…” (Gen. 1:28). We are to have dominion over the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26), with proper stewardship. As image bearers of God, we have also an obligation to our fellowman which is laid out clearly in the second great commandment (Matthew 22:38-39). We are our brother’s keeper, an obligation which takes on a dimension in light of the gospel.

Aaron Dunlop

Five Minutes of Fame Podcast
– Sending Forth Service –

News from the Field

  • The rains, though welcomed, have caused a lot of damage. Electricity has been off for four days now, the roads are impassable and dangerous.
  • Two of our boys. Boniface and Sammy participated in the National Kenya Schools Sports Association competition. One boy made it to the finals in Mombasa and another boy got to the regions in Machakos.
  • Janice, one of our first orphans (2006) got married last Saturday, April 21. The FAME party travelling to the wedding got stuck in soft sand on the way. After 45 minutes we recovered the vehicle and continued to the wedding.  The pastor was unable to attend, and Rev. Aaron Dunlop stood in his place at the ceremony.
  • Munou Clinic, April 26 a little girl came in with multiple maggots burrowed into her scalp. After removing them, our Clinical Technician referred her to Garissa hospital for an X-ray in case they have gotten through the skull. We hope to have a follow-up.
  • Morning Devotions,  Friday, April 27 the medical staff got a call to help a woman who had just delivered. The lady was on her way to the clinic when she delivered and lost a lot of blood. Both mother and baby were brought to the clinic where they spent the day recovering and left in the afternoon for home, healthy and happy.
  • Masavi Girls School, Our local girl’s school, Masavi Girls, lost its school bus this past week. It got stuck on a large log in a dry riverbed. Attempts to recover it that evening failed and the heavy rains washed it over in the night and buried three-quarters of it in the sand. Two other attempts since have failed to recover it.
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We continue to represent the mission in North America with the documentary film Mungu Kwanza: God First. You can buy a copy at the SermonAudio store. For a showing at your church please call 1-877-236-5892 or send us an email.

Our Vision

In the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, FAME is a “word and deed” ministry bringing the hope of the gospel into the poverty and famine of eastern Kenya. Water wells, famine relief, child rescue and medical facilities constitute our main humanitarian work, through which we have won the confidence and ear of the people. This, in turn, has enabled us to carry on an extensive program of evangelism in remote villages, local schools, and in prisons across the Eastern Province of Kenya.

At our Resource Center and FAME Reformed Theological College, we come alongside local pastors, elders, and Sunday school teachers, helping them to establish local Churches and strengthen the body of Christ.


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