Vol. 2. Issue 1

January 2018


Welcome to 2018. As we prepare this newsletter, Rev. Titus Nzoka is beginning classes at the new FAME Reformed Theological College. Miss Grace Sturm has just returned to the field, and the Dunlop family is preparing to go at the end of February.

In this edition of Missions Moment, we have reports from the various aspects of the work, and a feature report from Rev. Nzoka, the new college Principal. Also, we have included in this edition, a Five Minutes of FAME podcast, and some exciting news from the SermonAudio team.

FAME Board

Missions in History 
January 15th, 1915 — Scottish missionary to West Africa, Mary Slessor died (born 1848). Converted as a teenager, Mary sailed to Calabar (Nigeria) in 1876 where she worked for forty years. Mary Slessor’s uncanny insight into the African mind helped her as she worked to eliminate witchcraft, drunkenness and many cruel customs among the Ibo people.

Evangelical Ministries Ukambani  (EMU)
– Strengthening the Local Churches –

Feature: A Word from the Principal of the FAME Reformed Theological College  
The Church has been commissioned by God not only to preach the gospel but also to teach those who believe, confirming them in the faith (Matthew 28:20). In order to fulfill this mission, the Church needs pastors who are familiar with “all the counsel of God” and able to rightly divide the word of truth (Acts 20:27; 2 Timothy 2:15). This is where FAME Reformed Theological College (FRTC) can help.Today, the need for trained pastors is an emergency. This is especially true in Kenya where we have so many pastoring without theological training, exposing themselves and their congregation to the danger of ignorantly wresting the Scriptures and misleading their listeners ”perhaps to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

FRTC was established to help provide the Church with qualified men and to give them the educational tools to serve Christs Church adequately.

FRTC seeks faithful men, therefore, who are truly called by God to be his ministers so that we may train them for the ministry and that they may, in turn, teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2). Though we strongly believe that, according to the Bible, only men should occupy the office of the pastor, we also recognize that God can use women in other areas of Christian service. Our courses, therefore, are open to women in the hope that those who study with us will go back and serve God in their local churches as Sunday school teachers and also guide the younger women (Titus 2:4).

FRTC is committed to the reformed faith and endeavours to faithfully teach the same to the student. Together, our faculty provides the student body with a wealth of pastoral and teaching experience, and we are committed not only to teach but to mentoring each student in his/her calling.

Soli Deo Gloria
Rev. Titus K. Nzoka, B.Th., M.Div.

(Extract from the College Prospectus)

 – Reaching the Lost –

Miss Grace Sturm was home in the US for 3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year Period. There was a special missionary meeting at her home Church in Indianapolis on 7th January at which Grace brought a report of her work among the children. The Dunlop family was able to join her for that meeting.

Grace is happy to be back to Kenya and settling again into the work. Since her return, she has been catching up on office administration, as well as the ongoing work among the schools.

Also, at the beginning of each year, we send out letters and photos of the orphan children to their sponsors. We have benefited from Grace’s versatility and her willingness to do this work also.


Medical Aid

– The Gospel in “Word and Deed” –

Increased incidents of Tuberculosis (TB) have been reported at the clinic. Recently, one young man came to the clinic. He had been attending a clinic in Thika, about three hours away and was not improving. He was expected to die, so he decided to come back to his home area to save his parents the expense of recovering his body from the Thika mortuary.

During this time, apparently, he came to our clinic just for painkillers, while he awaited the inevitable. Julius, our lab-technician, recognized the symptoms of TB and ran some tests. The young man had indeed contracted TB, and thanks to the attention of our lab-technician, is now recovering.


Child Rescue

– …through simple and compassionate tasks we have established an acceptance of the gospel of Christ. –

Opened in 2006 our orphanage now houses, feeds, clothes and educates 190 boys and girls ranging from 4 years old to 18 years. At 18 years, government regulations demand that our children enter the broader community. We assist them in this transition, making sure that they have the best possible chance of a successful acceptance and preparation for independent adulthood.


Heralds of The King

All authority is given unto me in heaven and in earth…go ye therefore  Matthew 28:18

Matthew’s gospel begins by making the rather remarkable observation that Jesus is King. This is remarkable for two reasons; first, his mother and Joseph were poor people living in Nazareth. Second, Jesus’ life was marked by sorrow and grief from His infancy, when He was taken to safety from the slaughter of the Innocents. Every earthly circumstance testified against his kingship.

Although it was indeed “veiled in flesh” we are given little glimpses of His kingship throughout the four Gospels, His power over sickness and disease, and the forces of Satan, His transfiguration, and His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

Throughout his life, however, He fought against Satanic opposition. This intensified as his “hour” drew closer and our Divine-Warrior faced the “powers of darkness” alone (Luke 22:53). All of His creation groaned as the King entered into death. On the third day, he emerged the Victor was subsequently exalted to the position of universal sovereignty.

Before He ascended, He sent us-his followers-to the ends of the earth to herald His story among the nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Like His, our earthly circumstances betray weakness, opposition, and apparent failure, but we go in faith, not by sight. He has received “all authority” and he gives us that same authority to proclaim His victory against the same hostile forces we face today. We are heralds of the King and we go with royal authority.

“The central kerygma (proclamation) of the message of Peter in Acts 2:14-40 is not the cross but the raising of the one whom death could not hold and his subsequent exaltation to the right hand of the Father (2:24-35). The crucified one has now become “both Lord and Christ'” 
Tremper Longman III & Daniel G. Reid, in God is a Warrior; [Longman & Reid], 134

Five Minutes of Fame Podcast  
 – Preparing for the Field – 


Mungu Kwanza | GOD FIRST  

We’ve had some exciting news from Steven Lee and the SermonAudio team. A 60-second trailer for the Mungu Kwanza: God First documentary film will be shown in over 850 movie theatres across America for one evening on February 22nd at 7 pm.

Deputation Meetings


Rev. Dunlop reports that he has enjoyed the fellowship of fellow believers as his travels around to raise support for the new college and his family as they prepare for the fieldWhen the disciples were sent out in Luke nine, the Lord told them to enjoy the hospitality of those in whose house they stay. In this way, the host enters into the work of the kingdom.

On Sunday 7th January he and his family attended a special missionary meeting in Indianapolis with Grace Strum at her home Church. Special thanks to Rev. Geoff Banister for hosting that meeting. He is currently travelling in western Canada and California and will be in Singapore the first week of February.   

If you would like us to present the work at your Church or small group you can email Aaron at aarond@famemission.org, or you can call us at +1-877-236-5892.

News from the Field

  • The Famine Relief came to an end in December with the final distribution of food. Pastors and members from thirty-six evangelical churches in our area, with over two thousand children,  benefited from this program. Unfortunately, there have been a number of weeks without rain so the people are not expecting to have a good harvest. This is the third season the harvests have failed.
  • Bibles for Class 5 Each year our class 5 children relieve an English Bible. This is a big event for the chicken, as they are learning to read English and are old enough to care for a Bible.
  • Graduation at the Bible college graduation will be held on February 3rd when 20 students will be graduating. Some of these students have already enrolled for the new full-time courses.
  • Rev. Titus Nzoka has relocated to Kithamula. He will transfer his pastorate to a church in Nguni, not far from the FAME Centre.
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We continue to represent the mission in North America with the documentary film Mungu Kwanza: God First. You can buy a copy at the SermonAudio storeFor a showing at your church please call 1-877-236-5892 or send us an email.


Upcoming Events
  • Missionary Sending Forth Service at Grace Chapel Markham, the Dunlop’s home church, Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 6:30 pm.
  • SermonAudio Pastors Appreciation Luncheon (Toronto). On February 23rd, 2018, SermonAudio will host another Pastors Appreciation Luncheon. Aaron Dunlop has been invited to share the ministry of FAME in Eastern Kenya.
  • The Dunlop’s leave Canada on February 28th and will stop in Northern Ireland for a few days en route to Kenya.


In the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, FAME is a “word and deed” ministry bringing the hope of the gospel into the poverty and famine of eastern Kenya. Water wells, famine relief, child rescue and medical facilities constitute our main humanitarian work, through which we have won the confidence and ear of the people. This, in turn, has enabled us to carry on an extensive program of evangelism in remote villages, local schools, and in prisons across the Eastern Province of Kenya.

At our Resource Center and FAME Reformed Theological College, we come alongside local pastors, elders, and Sunday school teachers, helping them to establish local Churches and strengthen the body of Christ.


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