Vol. 2. Issue 3

March 2018

The Dunlop family are now on the field. They arrived safely on March 23rd with Aaron’s mother Irene, who travelled with them. The new college has now completed the first term (January thru March). The end of March brings Easter holidays. The holiday gives Grace Sturm a break from the school ministry, but she has plenty to catch up with in the office.

Alan and Irene are currently on the field, Irene returns home on 8th April and Alan will remain another couple of weeks.

The Dunlop family will travel to Nairobi for an appointment with the doctor at Gertrudes Hospital. This is the first visit and they hope to meet with the medical team that will assist with the care of the children.

FAME Board

Missions in History 
March 18th, 1885 – The “Cambridge Seven,” a group of young British aristocrats arrive in Shanghai as missionaries.

Evangelical Ministries Ukambani
– Strengthening the Local Churches –

FAME Reformed Theological College opened as a full-time college in January. March 29th was the final day of the first term. The Principal, Rev. Titus Nzoka, is encouraged with the first term, especially since there was no advertising of the new full-time program. The second term classes have been arranged with a full slate of instructors.

An intensive program parallels the regular term classes but is offered to accommodate students who are already in pastorates or for some other reason cannot attend regular term classes. The beginning of April will begin a three-week intensive program, the first of three throughout the year.

Work has already begun on a college Prospectus for the beginning of the new year, which will, we hope, be used to advertise the new college. Also, in the near future accommodation with be required for the new college. Long-term plans are currently being developed for a functional college campus, in the will of God.


– Reaching the Lost –

Grace reports that the work among the schools continues. Pray that the Spirit of God will accompany this work and produce fruit in the lives of the young people.

During the school holiday, Grace keeps busy with some secretarial work for the college, and the orphanage. She is also preparing some classes in English grammar to teach in the college.


Medical Aid
– “the gospel in Word and Deed” –

Monday is market day in Nguni, about 12Km along the dirt road to the main paved road. The proximity of this town means that Monday is usually the busiest day for the Curran Clinic.

We have recently hired a young Clinical Officer, twenty-four-year-old Stephen Kakundi. Stephen was hired to oversee the Menuo Outreach Clinic but will spend a few months at the FAME Centre for some in-house training with our head nurse Lydia.


Child Rescue
– “the gospel in Word and Deed.” –

Part of our child rescue program includes vocational training which prepares our orphans and other young people in the community with the necessary skills to integrate into the workforce.

Josephat Mutisya has been instructing the classes now for a number of years. Currently, we have seventeen young men in the two-year carpentry program which includes theory. No power tools are used in this program. With a few simple hand tools, a young man, like Elijah, shown in the picture, can set up a “workshop” under a tree in the village and earn his living with skills learned in our FAME Centre.



Lending to the Lord
– “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD” Proverbs 19:17  –

This proverb has appeared on FAME Mission literature for over twenty years. It teaches two simple truths; the Lord regards the poor and rewards those who do the same. There are, however, three underlying truths, drawn from the whole of Scripture, that we need to keep in mind; first, the “poor” refers primarily to the “household of faith” (Galatians 6:10). Second, the pity spoken of here is a practical pity, not a mere sentiment (James 2:!6). There no benefit or reward if your heart goes out to the poor, but your arms remain folded and your hands closed. Third, the rewards promised to the giver are in Christ (Romans 14:23).

Reaching out in pity to the poor benefits the needy in this life strengthens the faith of the believer, and gives eternal value to perishable goods. The giver should expect no returns from the poor. The Lord who advocates for them will dispense rewards on their behalf. Our gifts are given by faith—as loans to the Lord—and will be returned in divine blessings. These we will receive in this life, according to Deuteronomy 15:10 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-8. But faith always looks beyond this life, to a better world in which these loans to the Lord are stored up as “treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20).

“Were there more “faith in God,” there would be more giving to the poor, were there more “full assurance of hope,” there would be more of the lodging, in loans to the Lord, of property above.”

–Ralph Wardlaw

Five Minutes of Fame Podcast
– Sending Forth Service –

News from the Field

  • Aaron, Grace, and family arrived safely. Alan and Irene Dunlop are there also for a couple of weeks to help the new family settle in.

  • Easter holiday. Many of the staff are gone over the Easter weekend.

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We continue to represent the mission in North America with the documentary film Mungu Kwanza: God First. You can buy a copy at the SermonAudio store. For a showing at your church please call 1-877-236-5892 or send us an email.


Our Vision

In the Reformed and Evangelical tradition, FAME is a “word and deed” ministry bringing the hope of the gospel into the poverty and famine of eastern Kenya. Water wells, famine relief, child rescue and medical facilities constitute our main humanitarian work, through which we have won the confidence and ear of the people. This, in turn, has enabled us to carry on an extensive program of evangelism in remote villages, local schools, and in prisons across the Eastern Province of Kenya.

At our Resource Center and FAME Reformed Theological College, we come alongside local pastors, elders, and Sunday school teachers, helping them to establish local Churches and strengthen the body of Christ.


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