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My Three Months at FAME
Mission’s Moment – June, 2019
Cross-Cultural Crash Course (Part 1)
Bring the Hope of the Gospel
Missions Moment – December 2018
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The God of Impossibilities
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Missions Moment – Jan 2018
    Vol. 2. Issue 1 January 2018 Dear Welcome to 2018. As we prepare this newsletter, Rev. Titus Nzoka is beginning classes at the new FAME Reformed Theological College. Miss […]
Mungu Kwanza, God First
A helping Hand
Our head Askari (watchman) has been off work due to sickness and, it had prevented him from harvesting his maize and cowpeas from the shamba (fields). We often speak in […]
Christmas Gifts Given and the Gospel Preached
Gods Word tells us, it is better to give than to receive, and thanks to the generosity of many of you we had the joy of giving all our children, […]
Autumn 2014 Magazine
Please check out the Autumn 2014 Fame Magazine…
Well Project
A small update about a well project, near Kwanganga.(about 10Kms from our Mission Centre). The first photo shows the open well and a women pulling a rope with a 20 Ltr […]
January Prayer Letter
The Fame January Prayer letter is now available, you can download it it from here: