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Welcome to F.A.M.E. Friends of Africa Missionary Endeavour

F.A.M.E. is an independent organisation that seeks to evangelize through medicine and other humanitarian aid in remote areas of Eastern Kenya.

Fame Mission utilises the privation and poverty found in all developing countries to evangelistic ends. In Kenya, water wells, medical clinic, orphanage work and famine relief comprise the main areas of this service.

These things are not only vital to community support in and of themselves, but in providing them the mission is enabled to reach thousands with the message of Christ and Gods Redeeming Love.

We have an all African staff in our Orphanage and clinic which allows our missionary to actively pursue Evangelism in Schools, Churches, Markets and Saturday night video outreach in remote bush areas.

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Medical Aid

In a developing country there is so much good we can do, sometimes with so little financial outlay. For Instance: Sinking and lining a shallow well that will provide clean pure water for both man and beast. Providing food relief in times of severe famine, paying particular attention to the old, infirm and little children...

Medical Aid

If we cannot treat a condition we refer the patient to those who can, providing funds for transport and treatment.

Assisting with body transportation to those too poor to pay mortuary fees and claim the body of their loved one.

I can say without a shadow of doubt or fear of contradiction that through these simple and compassionate tasks we have established an acceptance of the Gospel of Christ in the area and far beyond, and to date we have never been refused an entrance where we sought one.


Child Rescue

This aspect of Fame work differs from Infant Rescue in that these children are orphaned or abused within a family context. Many are the occasions when we receive whole families of such. On one occasion we rescued a family of nine when the drunken father murdered the young mother in their presence ...

Child Rescue

The youngest, an infant, lay on the mothers breast all night until she expired, the older children fled the home for safety among neighbours and friends.

Abandoned infants have become an all too common feature of bush life and those found alive are brought to us regularly for sustenance and care. In these Outreach Clinics we not only treat the sick, but our staff are on hand to advise and counsel those young girls who need it most. Giving support and instruction for the benefit of the threatened infants health and wellbeing.  [ …]


Evangelistic Outreach

Evangelism remains our priority and is followed rigorously in the immediate area and further afield as opportunity arises. The above programme is most successful and there is no shortage of interested listeners. Rodney’s ‘live audiences’ are numbered in the thousands. As a matter of fact Rodney cannot fulfil the opportunities that...

Evangelistic Outreach

present themselves in his schools evangelistic program. He also pastors to our 180+ orphans each Lords day…



Proverbs 19:17

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Lamentations Ch 2. v19

Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children; that faint for hunger in the top of every street.


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Our aim is to reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ.

Our method is by showing the lost the love of Christ as we preach the gospel among them..

We believe in the total depravity of all mankind.

We believe that without the intervention of the Holy Ghost mankind will perish.

We believe that sinners must be first convicted of their sin before they can be brought to repentance.

We believe that the New Birth is THE essential of the sinners hope of heaven.

We believe in the Virgin Birth of Christ, his Deity and His personal visible return to earth.

We believe that Christ died, was buried and rose again the third day to accomplish the redemption of his people.

We believe that the Blood of Christ therefore is the proof and basis of his vicarious sacrifice, the only acceptable offering for our redemption.

We seek souls for Christ’s sake. Our work is nothing without the freedom to preach the gospel of Christ.

All our humanitarian work is to the end of the gospel preached. This is our goal and only desire..

The word of God tells us in Ecc 11:1 – Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.  This has been proven again and again in our efforts in Child Rescue Evangelism  and Rehabilitation.  Mary, the eldest of the first family brought in 2006, is now studying at Mount Kenya University to specialise in Social Welfare.  Another two girls sponsored, schooled and cared for in a home environment are likewise blessed.  One is studying Medicine in Kenyatta National hospital and the other is doing a Teacher Training course.  These are just three examples of the blessings and value of child rescue..
All our projects, orphanage, infant rescue, polytec, evangelism require support. We welcome visitors, and we are always looking for helpers, but we need the daily prayers and support of Gods people in order to survive.

Can you assist us? You may not be able to go, but perhaps you can give just a little of your bounty to provide for another less fortunate soul to have the help they need or the message they so desperately need to hear.

Long ago I gave my life to Christ. 45 years to be exact. That transaction was holistic. It took over my whole being and life. I am not called to be one of Gods bankers, I am but a steward who must give account for what is entrusted to me.

Will you join us in this great cause? Will you put your hand to a work that has proven itself to be so owned of God and blessed? If so, do so today.

God bless you. Alan..